1810 Heritage House

Experience nature retreat in town.

Unique and charming rooms

Amidst the sky-scraping inns and hotels in town, we are who we are, the only one of our kind where each of our chalets comprise of unique characteristics and niche areas for the best guests’ experience.

Enjoy pleasurable facilities

Gone from chilling in the pool to jumping on the trampoline real quick. Space is essential to us and we even have enough of it for your kids to run around while you sipping on a cup of coffee, watching by the side.


KetapangRM425++Per night

2 king sized bed for 4 persons. (Max 6)

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CocosRM275++Per night

1 king sized bed for 2 persons. (Max 4)

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IxoraRM235++Per night

1 king sized bed for 2 persons. (Max 3)

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KembojaRM235++Per night

1 king sized bed for 4 persons. (Max 3)

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  • Swimming Pool

    Facilities available in 1810 Heritage House

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  • 1810 Heritage House Hotel

    History of 1810 Heritage House

    1810 Heritage House is a quaint collection of four rustic chalets that were once the workers’ living quarters of a Dutch Colonial coconut plantation belonging to one of the last Dutch Governors of Malacca. Read more

1810 Logo

1810 Heritage House is a must visit for tourists both international and local alike, as it provides an almost refreshing breath of fresh air to the array of stale, clotted up hotels that have popped out around Malacca over the past decade.