History And Background

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1810 Heritage House

1810 Heritage House is a quaint collection of four rustic chalets that were once the workers’ living quarters of a Dutch Colonial coconut plantation belonging to one of the last Dutch Governors of Malacca. The chalets are collectively known as 1810 Heritage House due to the magical and therapeutic Neem trees found on the common grounds of this homestead together with the humongous Ketapang trees, coconut trees, mango trees, frangipanis, ixoras and the odd kelor tree.

The chalets were built around what used to be the supervisor’s quarters which was unfortunately badly damaged during the Japanese occupation. The supervisor’s quarters which still occupies the same site was rebuilt sometime after the second world war. Today it houses the reception lobby for 1810 Heritage House, a boutique gift shop, a central kitchen and staff quarters. Miraculously through the vestiges of time all the chalets, that were once the original staff quarters, have survived. Through a very painstaking process and without sacrificing the old world charm of a bygone era, the chalets were delicately restored and refurbished to offer guests some form of modern amenities such as air-conditioning and hot water showers. In doing so a lot of care was taken to use recycled timber for the roof trusses and even the Marseille roof tiles originally from France were salvaged from a Catholic church. A pool and giant trampoline were also added for recreational purposes.

What is however appealing about the whole concept of 1810 Heritage House is the cross breeze blowing from the coastal areas or the interiors of Melaka and the rustling of leaves from the many trees around which by itself envelops one with an immense sense of peace, serenity and tranquility.The cool shade from the numerous trees at 1810 Heritage House offer many a weary traveller a place to seek shelter and solace from the sultry afternoon sun of historical Melaka.The Cocos, Ketapang, Kemboja and Ixora all distinctly unique have been named according to the trees already found on the grounds of 1810 Heritage House. Interestingly enough, all four chalets have their own unique characteristics and personalities in terms of size, layout, furniture and niche areas for personal rest and recreation.

Other stuff you may consider

Swimming Pool


The resort is well-equipped with swimming pool (we know you don’t need an Olympic sized), kitchen aka our vintage style “kopitiam”, gathering area, where you can take a sip of tea or coffee while watching your kids running around in our large compound, and parking lot located right outside the lobby and within your sight.


Chalet Types

All chalets have their own unique characteristics and personalities in terms of size, layout, furniture and niche areas for personal rest and recreation. Each chalet contains a spacious king-sized bed, complete with a thin veil-like mosquito netting, which settles on the bed like cool mist does on a hill, guaranteed to keep mosquitoes and (ahem) prying kids away.

The Stadthyus

Places To Go

Your first time in Melaka? Or a local but never knew about amazing places to visit in your home ground? No worries, we are nice and we’re about to lead you on an adventure and find out remarkable spots to visit in this historical city.

Nasi Lemak

Foods To Eat

Did you know? According tosurvey, 50% of tourists visited Melaka in 2015 for its food! Want to jump on the bandwagon and begin a food trail like the others? Once again, we are nice people so we will give you some tips on the must-eat food in Melaka.

  • Gathering Area

    Space is of the essence when it comes to resort style like homes. Opening the doors, guests step out into a windy, lush green opening equipped with deck chairs and tables overlooking the swimming pool, where worries are just blown away by the wind. Children are able to run around, while parents watch at the side while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea generously supplied by the kitchen while enjoying the cool, Malaccan breeze.

  • Swimming pool

    Honestly, when it comes to pools, nobody wants to do laps or break their new PB in a triathlon when they’re on a holiday. Instead, 1810 Heritage Housepresents an appropriately sized pool, complete with a wooden deck surrounding it, enabling guests to laze around, completely free of worry, while held up by the buoyancy of water. Best of all: no crowding. With only 4 people to a pool, 1810 Heritage Houseensures that each family gets appropriate usage of the pool.

  • Parking Lot

    Unlike many commercial hotels which one might find in Melaka, or anywhere else for that matter, 1810 Heritage House’s parking lot is located right outside the lobby, ensuring that your car remains where you can see it.