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Nestled in the heart of Malacca, Banda Hilir, lies a little plot of land not known to many in town, as it lies concealed from the busy hustle and bustle that comes with life in a huge metropolis. This little spot is 1810 Heritage House, a revolutionary piece of work that may change the way people perceive as a relaxing holiday in Malacca, and provide a change of pace to the many fancy, more commercially built hotels and inns located around the area. At a first glance, 1810 Heritage Housedoes not look extremely possessing from the outside. The lobby consists of a very old fashioned terrace housed, moulded together into a cosy little joint for guests to relax before being escorted to their rooms. However, take a step further inside the compound and you will find yourself transported to a place that simply cannot exist in a busy town like Banda Hilir. Trees and plants of different varieties are artfully placed here and there, and a small little swimming pool, fenced by a polished wooden deck, artistically blends together the modern world and one that existed back in simpler times. The area is pleasantly shady, with an excellent breeze that reduces the uncomfortable effects of the scorching Malacan heat and the stifling humidity.

The rooms, or chalets to be more exact, are even better yet. Many hotels nowadays simply fail to provide tourists with the two things that they crave for on a vacation: privacy, and plenty of elbow room. The chalets have both qualities, as the rooms are luxuriantly spacious, with chairs and coffee tables located right outside the door for them to enjoy the cooling breeze. They (the chalets) are also located a considerable distance away from each other. Tourists also do not have to worry about crowding in the swimming pool or any of the facilities, as there are only 4 chalets in total, reducing levels of noise and disturbances, something tourists despise during holidays. Furthermore, the insides of the chalets are about as impressive as the features located outside as well. Each chalet contains a spacious king-sized bed, complete with a thin veil-like mosquito netting, which settles on the bed like cool mist does on a hill, guaranteed to keep mosquitoes and (ahem) prying kids away. The larger, more family oriented suite also contains another queen sized bed, making it ideal for housing children who are slightly too old to share a bed with mom and dad.

The bathroom, however, proves to be the most charming feature the chalet possesses. Here, once again, an exquisite bond between the past and present of Malacca is forged, enabling guests to experience the comforts of technology as well as the gentle embrace of the past. An up-to-date rain shower provides guests with a quick blast of refreshing hot water, while an old Malayan “tempayan” enables guests to experience the traditional Malay method of bathing back in the day. The soaps and shampoos are also provided in small, cleverly designed bottles which suit the decor of the room, and are arranged carefully on a little tray of spices ranging from star anise to cardamom seeds. Overall, 1810 Heritage Houseis a must visit for tourists both international and local alike, as it provides an almost refreshing breath of fresh air to the array of stale, clotted up hotels that have popped out around Malacca over the past decade. The reception is excellent, with top-notch attention given to guests who simply have to ask for it at any time during the day. In a way, it represents more of a home then a cramped up little room where the hotel staff are unable to even spend a few minutes having a pleasant chat with the guests. In fact, the owners are more than willing to share their knowledge of this historic state as well as the restaurants worth visiting in a holiday.

Other stuff you may consider

Swimming Pool


The resort is well-equipped with swimming pool (we know you don’tneed an Olympic sized), kitchen aka our vintagestyle “kopitiam”, gathering area,where you can take a sip of tea or coffee while watching your kids running around in our large compound, and parking lot located right outside the lobby and within your sight.


Chalet Types

All chalets have their own unique characteristics and personalities in terms of size, layout, furniture and niche areas for personal rest and recreation.Each chalet contains a spacious king-sized bed, complete with a thin veil-like mosquito netting, which settles on the bed like cool mist does on a hill, guaranteed to keep mosquitoes and (ahem) prying kids away.

The Stadthyus

Places To Go

Your first time in Melaka? Or a local but never knewabout amazing places to visit in your home ground? No worries, we are nice and we’re about to lead you on an adventure and find out remarkable spots to visit in this historical city.

Nasi Lemak

Foods To Eat

Did you know? According tosurvey, 50% of tourists visited Melaka in 2015 for its food!Want to jump on the bandwagon and begin a food trail like the others? Once again, we are nice people so we will give you some tips on the must-eatfood in Melaka.

  • Gathering Area

    Space is of the essence when it comes to resort style like homes. Opening the doors, guests step out into a windy, lush green opening equipped with deck chairs and tables overlooking the swimming pool, where worries are just blown away by the wind. Children are able to run around, while parents watch at the side while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea generously supplied by the kitchen while enjoying the cool, Malaccan breeze.

  • Swimming pool

    Honestly, when it comes to pools, nobody wants to do laps or break their new PB in a triathlon when they’re on a holiday. Instead, 1810 Heritage Housepresents an appropriately sized pool, complete with a wooden deck surrounding it, enabling guests to laze around, completely free of worry, while held up by the buoyancy of water. Best of all: no crowding. With only 4 people to a pool, 1810 Heritage Houseensures that each family gets appropriate usage of the pool.

  • Parking Lot

    Unlike many commercial hotels which one might find in Melaka, or anywhere else for that matter, the 1810 Heritage House’s parking lot is located right outside the lobby, ensuring that your car remains where you can see it.